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Turning Procrastinators into Proactive Workaholics

Angry Aunty: a motion sensor based

anti-procrastination tool that uses customized aggressive alarms to get the job done as soon as you get to the workplace.

Angry Aunty is a perfect solution to the basic procrastinator problems of getting overwhelmed along with having the need to postpone the urge to initiate working.


It connects to a to-do-list application that you use, which keeps a track of your tasks every day. As soon as it detects your presence in your room or your office cubicle, Angry Aunty calls you and shouts out one task that needs to be done from your to-do-list. And she will continue to call you and aggressively remind you until that task is done and taken off of your list. And so it's a win-win for the procrastinators!

The product is internet-connected and something that procrastinators can make by themselves. It involves some basic coding and making skills. The idea behind this was that all – light, medium, heavy procrastinators - should make it in a form personalized to themselves and what they fear or what would make them work.


It also gives the user the ability to set the tone of the message by formatting a pre-set command in the beginning of each call, for example - “Mary! Stop getting distracted and get your shit together. Start working on (task). Now!” Or it could be much subtler like, “ Mary, kindly start working on (task) as the deadline is approaching”. In both cases – the (task) would change each time the user adds more tasks to the board or finishes a task.

Here is the link to the Instructable if you want to make your customised Angry Aunty!

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