The Boutfit with Grit

Moxie is the first roller derby garment that integrates shoulder protection and makes you game-day ready.


Roller derby is an intense contact sport that causes its players to suffer from terrible shoulder injuries as hard shoulder padding is not allowed.


Integral to Moxie’s mission is helping derby athletes continue to improve their game and play the sport they love at 110%. To do this, the Moxie uniform incorporates both shoulder bracing and shoulder padding that complies with roller derby regulations.

Moxie reimagines the roller derby uniform by creating a unique silhouette that acknowledges the athletes' tenacity for roller derby at its highest level that will allow it to be recognized by the rest of the world.

Roller derby is an intense, physical sport. Derby athletes have grit, determination, and professionalism that remains unacknowledged by outsiders.




Carly Simmons:

Hannah Rudin:

Sophie Carrillo Miranda:

During our project process, we were fortunate to speak to 4 derbies across the sports’ landscape, locally and internationally. They all had surprising things to share with us -- how derby has impacted their lives -- and it was our duty to follow the research trail that would lead to most impact.


We narrowed our focus to look at derby injuries, most specifically shoulder injuries. It is the nature of the sport to use your shoulders to block opponents and for protecting yourself from an impact that could knock you down. As a result, derbies are consistently healing from shoulder dislocations and bruising.


This kind of injury is especially unique to roller derby because, by regulation, derbies are not permitted hard padding outside elbow and knee gear. Our product fits the market through a loop-hole -- soft padding on the shoulders that braces impact, ultimately reducing injury to shoulders.


Moxie, meaning 'force of character,' is what drives our brand. It symbolizes the women that play the sport - strong, unapologetic, dedicated and badass. The logo represents the action of the players during motion.  The custom typeface, designed by Carly Simmons, is all that our brand stands for - rough and powerful.



The website is the primary source of purchase. Elements of the brand were replicated here through movement while scrolling or switching pages. You can customize all aspects of the boutfit either for an individual or a team.


The packaging, designed by Sophie Carrillo Miranda, makes the unboxing experience exciting by having jersey numbers for each package.





Our process consisted of creating a pattern by scratch, based on an existing t-shirt that we used as a starting point. We scouted for the correct fabrics and settled for compression material for the top portion, to brace the shoulders, and a loose athletic material for the bottom, for sweat wicking and air flow.


Zippers are incorporated on the top area in order to loosen and tighten compression for putting on and taking off the uniform. Padding adorns high impact areas and creates intentional bulk to the derby figure for an iconic silhouette.


Finishing touches include the players’ number on each sleeve of the uniform and our Moxie logo in the bottom left corner.

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