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Lab Testing Protocol Design & Strategy for Diabetes and Vertigo Care

Being a remote diagnosis care provider, we work with semi-skilled technicians who operate our devices and conduct testing in over 40 cities across India. This requires clear protocol design and an efficient strategy in order to have a seamless testing experience for the patient and a quick and simplified digital platform for the technician. 

BRIEF: Conceptualize the patient testing experience and design testing screens for the doctor and technician to conduct various tests for vertigo and diabetes patients in our clinics.

ROLE: UX Lead, Design Strategist, UI Designer

Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec


Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec

With the start of mobile clinics, we faced issues of confusion and inaccuracy because each doctors and technicians used our equipment infrequently due to the switch in location every day. We observed that automation in conducting tests without instructions (technicians being able to perform a test without guidance or instructions) was seen only after three months of handling equipment on a regular basis. This meant that they required fool-proof and in-depth onboarding for each test.


Prepping Protocol

Just ONE balance test that is shown here - Posturography - has 18 subtests with variable prepping protocols. Eyes open, eyes closed, foam under your feet, or a moving platform, etc. 

2-Second Glimpse of the Visuals

Since all instructions were visual, doctors and technicians who got a hang of the testing protocols quickly, could make out the preparation that needed to be done for the next test just by taking a glimpse at the visuals.

Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec


Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec



ROLE: UX Designer, Experience Designer

TEAM: Mohit Jain (Lead UI Designer)


Diabetes Foot Tests are carried out with the patient lying down on the bed, and the doctor checking each part of the foot for possible diabetic ulcers. 


Distant Monitoring

We noticed that technicians and doctors walked from the patient's bedside to their desktop/dashboard each time after administering every temperature and vibration reading (12 examinations per test). This was getting tedious for the technician and caused a lot of delays. 

To help make the doctor's job seamless, we designed a system for doctors to be able to conduct the test from a distance. We created colour codes and paired with the Industrial Engineering team to create a hand-held wireless device that can administer each reading remotely. 


These codes help doctors and technicians identify which area of the foot needs to be tested next, and differentiate in between the areas already tested and the ones where testing could not be done because of existing ulcers. 

Current Testing Position

Test Not Administered/Cannot Administer

Test Conducted Successfully


No Internet Protocol Design

With so many tests to be conducted, we can't afford to lose data in the middle of a series of tests. A protocol was designed to store data locally as soon as there is any connectivity issue. 

Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec
Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec
Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec


Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec


Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec
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Vertigo & Migraine App

NeuroEquilibrium's Vertigo and Migraine Patient App is used by patients in 125+ clinics across India.

BRIEF: Creating a customized app for patients of NeuroEquilibrium Clinics, with functionality such as custom exercise videos,  medicine reminders, doctor visit booking, logging vertigo and migraine episodes, etc.

COVID PIVOT: The flow and form of the app changed mid-Covid to provide virtual physiotherapy to our patients.

ROLE: UX Lead, Project Manager, UI Designer, Protocol Strategist

Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec
Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec

CONTEXT: For as long as we've known Vertigo and other balance disorders, we have known it to be a chronic illness that could only be suppressed. This notion and treatment that shows that Vertigo is curable is new to the patient and hence we need to create an app that handholds the patient through this new experience and reduces uncertainty about its symptoms, treatment, best practices, etc.  

Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec


With a focus on reducing uncertainty  for the patient, this prescription/home screen presents customized exercise videos, medicines, and most importantly - tells the patient when it's time to switch to the next set of exercises.

Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec


We found that small nudges such as specific medication and exercise reminders helped patients stay on track with their treatment. 

Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec

Migraine Diary

When comparing the patient's memory of an attack upon app when entering details in the app v/s actual attack specifics side by side, we found that there was a huge disconnect in the severity and duration if attacks were logged in >2 days after the episode. This Migraine/Vertigo Diary only takes into consideration episodes less than two days from now to keep its prediction accurate.

Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec


The appointment booking functionality was designed keeping in mind our limitation of not being able to confirm the timing right away. Affirming messaging was used in the app once the patient requested an appointment to reduce the unreliability of the app.

Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec


Exercise Videos and Protocol Tutorial

Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec


Reminder Setting

Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec


A big part of Vertigo treatment revolves around periodically changing exercises according to the prescription. The app helps you remember when to switch to a new module.

Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec


Exercise Change Nudges

Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec


Accessing ancillary features

Pivoting to Digital Physiotherapy for Vertigo and other Balance Disorder Patients

Virtual Call Feature_Appointment Booking
Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec
Virtual Call Feature_Appointment Booking
Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec
Virtual Call Feature_Appointment Home Sc
Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec
11. Virtual Call Feature - Video Confere
Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec
7. Virtual Call Feature_Card 2_Join Call
Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec
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World's First Interactive e-book on BPPV:

A Balance Disorder

BRIEF: Creating an interactive book on Vertigo with videos, graphs, and illustrations that can be used as a guide for doctors while they are at the hospital, treating the patient. 

ROLE: Experience Designer, Book Cover Designer, Project Manager, Technologist


Dr. Anita Bhandari: Author, Vertigo Specialist

Pooja Jain: Book Composition Designer

Yograj Saini: 2D Illustrator

Khemraj Saini: 3D CAD Designer

Mohit Jain: Chapter Cover Designer

 Book Cover Back 02020220-41.jpg
BOOK COVER DESIGN_final_01.09.29-35.jpg
BPPV Cover Design Website3.png
BPPV Cover Design Website3.png

The eBook World

The Interactive eBook world is new and unexplored, even by Amazon! We set out to create a book with animations, recordings, and images, that can be used on site of the treatment.


So far 1500+ ebooks have been sold worldwide on various platforms. 

Iteration after Iteration

This book went through several iterations to test out the technology to be incorporated, updating treatment protocols over time and making sure our illustrations communicated the anatomy or invisible bodily processes in the easiest and most accurate way possible. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 4.59.15 PM.png
Neuro Page 3


Patient-Facing Website

BRIEF: Redesigning our patient-facing website to increase awareness about Vertigo and other balance disorders and increase leads that visit our clinics. We have paired this with a doctor-facing component of the website that helps NeuroEquilibrium gets doctors and hospitals for us to partner with.


As 86% of our existing visitors (and now 94%) accessed our website through their mobiles, the website was designed and developed with a mobile-first approach. 

ROLE: Lead UX Designer, Strategist, UX Researcher, UI Designer, Creative Director.

Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec
Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec

Step 1: UX Research + Design

Our Clinics Page: My process for developing this page involved making sense of the scattered data to be useful in understanding our user's patterns over the past year.


We started by redesigning the Clinics page based on conclusive data on session duration, bounce rate, and where users redirected after moving from this page to know what kind of information they were seeking but didn't get.


We also received inconclusive data about the gender and age of the viewer. It wasn't enough for us to conclude if our users were patients hoping to book an appointment for themselves or their caretakers/friends/family booking one for them or if they were just on the website looking up their symptoms. The next steps involve conducting UX research and A/B testing to understand our audience better.

In order to keep the appointment booking process seamless, we decided to design the Clinics/Appointment section as a single page experience. 

Due to the lack of awareness about Vertigo and other balance disorders, there was a need to highlight the scale of our chain of clinics and possibly how widespread it was. 

Clinic cities were added to the footer for easier access to get to booking their appointments. 


Step 2: Converting Sketches and Wireframes to UI Designs

Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec 20202-32.p

Home Screen

Designed with the intention of helping patients identify and correlate their symptoms with possible diagnoses, this home page gives a sneak peak of the variety of treatment protocols, diagnostic devices and therapies used in our 125+ clinics across India. 

Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec

Direct CTAs

Being an unexplored area, we wanted to reduce the confusion upfront by highlighting the symptoms that we treat, especially for users looking for instant treatment instead of reading about the illness or possible treatment protocols. 

Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec
Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec

Step 3: Analyse Data and Reiterate

Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec

There's Something For Everyone


Our blogs - the main source of organic traffic to the website - has content for all kinds of curious patients, caregivers and doctors.


We designed the experience to be great for long-form detailed understanding of Vertigo for users interested in those as well as readers who just want to get a jist of the symptoms, cause and home remedies. 

We saw Hindi  and other regional languages having the most sessions and lead conversions in appointment bookings and created the whole website in those languages to give that a push.

Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec
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