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NeuroEquilibrium, one of India's premier growing healthcare startups creates Vertigo diagnostic equipment and treatments with clinics all over India. 


Remote Diagnosis is a relatively new system in India. We were tasked to design the strategy and protocol for technicians to ensure consistency in testing and the care provided in a unique and unfamiliar setup.

Used by patients at over 125+ clinics in India

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Lab Testing Protocol Design & Strategy for Diabetes and Vertigo Care

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Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec
Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec

Hysterical Women: Rethinking the healthcare system to counteract misdiagnosis of women

MFA Thesis: Redesigning the complex healthcare system to prevent gaslighting and elevate the healthcare experience of women by designing more efficient and empathetic diagnostic and treatment strategies.

These tools consisted of:

i) creating adequate aid for patients to describe their symptoms to their practitioners.

ii) doctors differentiating physical and psychological pain at an early stage of the diagnosis process.

iii) training for medical practitioners that is comprehensive and includes empathy training.

iv) increasing empathetic acknowledgment of patient's symptoms by their healthcare providers.

Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec
Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec
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NeuroEquilibrium Apps

Vertigo, Dizziness and Balance Disorders require personalized treatment, therapy and counseling for each patient. We designed the strategy around and the screens for its' patient and doctor app that provides customized treatment, exercises, and medicines for their patients. 

Used by patients at over 125+ clinics in India

Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec
Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec
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Financial Toxicity

Conducted research and designed strategies around alleviating financial and emotional pain points of cancer patients and caregivers at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York. 

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Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec
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Thesis: Redesigned rehabilitative devices to improve gait cycles of patients through frugal methods. I addressed the problems with gait patterns of prosthetic leg users. Gait is a person's manner of walking. 


This project was done in collaboration with patients, physiotherapists, and technicians at BMVSS – the world’s largest organization for prosthetic fitment and rehabilitation, based in India.

Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec
Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec
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Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec
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World's First Interactive Medical e-book on BPPV: A Balance Disorder

Created an interactive book on Vertigo with videos, graphs, and illustrations that can be used as a guide for doctors while they are at the hospital, treating the patient.

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Patient-Facing Website

Redesigned NeuroEquilibrium's patient-facing website to increase awareness about Vertigo and other balance disorders and increase leads that visit our clinics. There would also be a doctor facing component of the website that helps NeuroEquilibrium gets doctors and hospitals to partner with.

Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec
Rhea Bhandari Website Wix Dec
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The Boutfit with Grit     

Moxie is the first roller derby garment that integrates shoulder protection and makes you game-day ready.


Moxie reimagines the roller derby uniform by creating a unique silhouette that acknowledges the athletes' tenacity for roller derby at its highest level that will allow it to be recognized by the rest of the world.

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The Twinning Toolkit

Designed as a part of a speculative proposal to increase acceptance and awareness of students' religious beliefs, culture and lifestyle, the Twinning Toolkit was created to be added as a week-long curriculum in middle school.

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Nudging Experiments: 

Managing Anger

This project was designed to increase emotional literacy in children. We introduced a range of 'feeling cards', visual cartoons and films that helped children recognize a complete range of emotions and express emotions differently.

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Angry Aunty

Turning Procrastinators into Proactive Workaholics

Angry Aunty: a motion sensor based

anti-procrastination tool that uses customized aggressive alarms to get the job done as soon as you get to the workplace.

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